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陈明沣International Diploma in Business (Chinese)

I'm Chen Mingfeng from Kedah, I'm 5 months junior college program in Kangfo school. At the beginning, I just saw the advertisement and knew Wilson, the course consultant, so I started learning with the mentality of giving it a try. I was very happy during the process. I learned some useful knowledge in the workplace and met a lot of friends. Of course, now I am very lucky and grateful to myself at that time, otherwise I might not have this opportunity to be promoted to the current career of store manager.

In fact, our company also pays a lot of attention to management and marketing knowledge. I think it is quite important based on the long-term experience of the company's scale. Of course, knowledge is dead, but people are alive. How to use it flexibly and practice it is also very important. When encountering problems, use a more broad-minded thinking to solve them. Finally, I am very grateful to the school for giving me the opportunity to improve and see good changes in the workplace.

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