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Camford International College was established in the year 2000. Throughout these years, we have provided a lifelong learning experience in the professional fields of Business Management and Finance. We have a pool of qualified and dedicated teachers who are trained and committed to delivering quality education to our students.  


It is a privilege for Camford International College to be accredited by the UK- based Accreditation Services for International Colleges (ASIC).


“We seek to establish CIC as a leading educational provider in the region. Our commitment towards providing innovative yet, practical solutions ensures top quality products and services that will meet, if not exceed, the expectations, requirements and needs of our learners. We answer

to your needs.


“Our philosophy in the provision of services in the education industry is to foster a harmonious learning atmosphere for our learners; while maintaining the environment conducive for study. Learners are always welcome to express initiative and creativity in their work.


Our courses are tailored through flexible learning periods and counselling hours for students from all walks of life. Our courses are made to meet students’ needs with different learning objectives. Our course fees are also reasonably priced and instalment fee payments are available upon request from budget-conscious students.



The computer facility and online platform enable students to do online studies and researches. Through our systematically structured learning programmes, our students will have a better understanding of the operations and development of a business enterprise. This will provide them with a strong foundation for their future further studies or career. Our course structures and contents are not only able to meet the global market requirements but are also practical. Other than theories and principles, emphases are placed on developmental problems faced by business enterprises, which aim to improve analytical and problem-solving skills and abilities. All these will empower our students to put in practice what they have learned and to transform them into productive use in their future undertakings.

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