Courses at Camford International College

The CIC programmes are directed at preparing candidates for the challenges of supervisory, junior level and middle level management position in the public and civil field of Business, Finances, Hospitalities, Entertainment and Food & Beverages sector. The programs combine the core disciplines into a well balanced program.

Learning in Camford International College

Our programmes create new platforms in analytical and learning skills which will help our students to develop practical and theoretical techniques, concepts and strategy in their management skills. Whilst each of Camford International College's programs has its own particular flavor and approach, all our programs is designed to sustain the support of business and management concepts, theories, personal & organization setting and up-to-date modules.

Mode of Delivery

Our Academic programmes are conducted through 3 modes of delivery. They are face to face, online and blended. In classroom learning, students will interact face-to-face with our lecturers or teachers. Students can also log on to our E-Learning Portal for learning and if they wish they could also learn through blended learning. To further assist the students on their learning, we do also provide numerous learning tools and resources to help them achieve their desired results.


In order to let you have a clearer understanding about our courses, we have crafted a list of frequently asked questions to assist you. Please click here to find out more.