Certificate in English

Certificate in English (Beginner)

In this Beginner course, students will learn how to know the common words and expressions used in greetings, introduce themselves and others as well as excusing themselves properly. Students in this program concentrate on developing the ability to engage in very simple, face-to-face conversations on familiar topics. 


The curriculum provides students with opportunities to work on fundamentals that are often unavailable at other institutions, such as course offerings dedicated specifically to the difficulties students often encounter with English pronunciation. 



  • Certificate Programmes

    Comes with 5 levels:

    1. Certificate in English (Beginner)
    2. Certificate in English (Elementary)
    3. Certificate in English (Pre-Intermediate)
    4. Certificate in English (Intermediate)
    5. Certificate in English (Advance)
  • Requirements For Enrolment

    Minimum 18 years of age

    Pass a minimum score of 50% in Internal Placement Test


    Pass a minimum score of 50% in Certificate in English (Pre-Intermediate) from overall assessment or other equivalency level. 

  • Course Information

    1. Duration of Course - 3 months

    2. Course Developer - Camford International College

    3. Qualification to be awarded upon course completion - Certificate 

    4. Qualification to be awarded by - Camford International College

    5. Awarding Country - Singapore

    6. Mode of Delivery - Classroom

    7. Teaching Mode - Classroom

    8. Learning Mode - Part-Time

    9. Type of Assessment - 90% Consists of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking,10% Class Participation.

    10. Course Fees S$880.00 ( 1 level only )

    11. Intake - Daily

    12. Teacher-student Ratio - 1:30

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