Certificate in English

Certificate in English

Certificate in English (Beginner)- Online

In this Beginner course, students will learn how to know the common words and expressions used in greetings, introduce themselves and others as well as excusing themselves properly. Students in this program concentrate on developing the ability to engage in very simple, face-to-face conversations on familiar topics. 


Certificate in English (Elementary)-Online 

In this Elementary course, students will learn how to ask questions to either find out more about the subject matter or to clarify a doubtful situation. Students in this program concentrate on developing the ability to engage in very simple, face-to-face conversations on familiar topics. 


The curriculum provides students with opportunities to work on fundamentals that are often unavailable at other institutions, such as course offerings dedicated specifically to the difficulties students often encounter with English pronunciation.

As with the nature of daily conversations, there will be a mix of both statements and questions. 


Students will continue to expand on their vocabulary in the areas of food and drinks, hobbies, clothing, office items and countries. At the end of the course, the new conversation skills are expected to also help students articulate their jobs, favourite activity and home country beyond the self-introduction.


Certificate in English (Pre-Intermediate)-Online

Building on the greeting and introduction skills covered in the foundations, students will go deeper to now introduce a friend or third party, other than the self. This people-focused course will also impart the essential ways and vocabularies to describe a person’s general appearance and characteristics. With that, students will be better equipped to deal with personal questions about dating and relationships. 

As part of the development of expression abilities, Pre-Intermediate will familiarize students with the important technique of comparing and contrasting. New vocabulary sets in at this level include the technology, culture, travel fields.


Certificate in English (Intermediate)-Online

Intermediate level tackles a wide variety of techniques for a more well-rounded conversational capability. In keeping to the protocol of today’s civilized societies, students will learn to ask or give permission to carry out a certain task, offering or declining help, giving orders or making requests and politely persuading someone for a favor. 

In today’s connected world, it is also unavoidable to be engaged in discussions about news or gossips. Therefore, students will be practicing a more advanced yet extremely useful skill of bringing across their opinions. This is in line with the course’s objective of honing relevance and refinement in the learners’ delivery.


Certificate in English (Advanced)-Online

The final level in the English course delves into the more technical aspects of the language: how to add prefixes and suffixes to adjectives, suggesting possibilities with modals, understanding the difference between literal and figurative expressions and uncovering meanings behind common phrasal verbs. Upon mastery, it enables students to play with the flexibility of words in their dialogues or written works. 


This same flexibility in language can translate into better efficiency in terms of identifying problems and creating solutions, which is especially important in a professional setting. In the same vein, from giving compliments to resolving disagreements, students would have picked up the required abilities to carry out effective communication in Advance Level.



  • Certificate Programmes

    1. Certificate in English (Beginner)-Online
    2. Certificate in English (Elementary)-Online
    3. Certificate in English (Pre-Intermediate)-Online
    4. Certificate in English (Intermediate)-Online
    5. Certificate in English (Advanced)-Online
  • Requirements For Enrolment

    Minimum 18 years of age

    Pass a minimum score of 50% in Internal Placement Test


    Pass a minimum score of 50% in Certificate in English (Pre-Intermediate) from overall assessment or other equivalency level. 

  • Course Information

    1. Duration of Course - 12 months ( 3 Levels )

    2. Course Developer - Camford International College

    3. Qualification to be awarded upon course completion - Certificate 

    4. Qualification to be awarded by - Camford International College

    5. Awarding Country - Singapore

    6. Mode of Delivery - E-Learning

    7. Teaching Mode - Online

    8. Learning Mode - Part-Time

    9. Type of Assessment - 90% Consists of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking,10% Class Participation.

    10. Course Fees S$2880 ( Consist of 3 levels )

    11. Intake - Daily

    12. Student-Teacher Ratio
    Certificate in English (Beginner)-Online 1: 20
    Certificate in English (Elementary to Intermediate)-Online 1:40
    Certificate in English (Advanced)-Online 1:20

$2,880.00 Regular Price
$1,380.00Sale Price
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